Do you like to invest in real estate and enjoy having cash flow into your bank account?

That is the only way I’ll ever invest in Real Estate for cash flow! I need to know that I will get a large return or there is no deal.

Hi, my name is Candice Bakx-Friesen, and I’m excited to invite you to a 6 week online course (from the comfort of your home) that will teach you how to make the best return on your real estate investments! I’ve been a real estate investor since 2001 and am passionate about helping people like you reach their financial dreams. As a real estate investor, I’m sure there have been times when you just wanted to throw in the towel. I’ve been there, I’ve dealt with the difficult tenants over the years and let me tell you, that is not the fun part of rental properties. I’ve discovered a new and better way! There are people all over the place who dream of owning their own home, the only problem is they can’t. Not yet. With my help and (soon) your help, those people can make their dreams become reality. I want to introduce you to rent to own. I’ve been helping people become homeowners for years and this is the side of real estate investing that I love! If you want to become an investor in rent to own properties let me show you how.

Sign Up – Rent to Own Class

Life happens and sometimes we look back and wish we had made different choices. Someone might have damaged credit, can’t seem to save enough for a down payment or has recently become self-employed and the bank won’t finance a mortgage for these types of people. You have the opportunity to become the bank!

I know you’re wondering how this could possibly work. I’ve done it, more than once and I continue to find rent to own opportunities because it is such a profitable business! There are so many advantages to being the investor in a rent to own deal.

I want to teach you all about the business of rent to own investing. It’s a market that most people don’t know about so you’ll want to be quick to sign up and learn all there is to know about rent to own deals.

Sign Up – Rent to Own Class

In 6 weeks you’ll learn everything you need to know to close your first deal. I’ll help you set up your team, teach you about the cash flow and how to run all the numbers in a way that makes the most sense and lands the most amount of cash in your pockets.

There is a massive number of buyers that are on the verge of purchasing a home but don’t quite qualify. The reward for you is absolutely amazing when you help those buyers find homes they love. The equation you need to know to complete a deal is not that complicated.

I’ve been involved in many rent to own deals and the payoff is worth it! In a short 6 weeks you can find out the kind of money you could really be making. Want to quit your day job and invest in real estate full time? Want to set your own hours and work on your terms?

Sign Up – Rent to Own Class

I have a 6 week online course teaching you everything about rent to own investing. Opportunities in this business are endless! Sign up today so you can learn the winning formula! For $697 I won’t keep any secrets from you, I’ll share everything I know about rent to own investing! I’ll answer all your questions, make sure you know what is all involved in a rent to own deal and how to crunch the numbers to make every deal successful!!  Sign up now to get the tools you need for rent to own investing. Why work with time consuming, headache producing tenants when you can work with buyers who really want to own their own home? Don’t miss out… as a real estate investor this is important information you need to know!! Did you know? You can even do a rent to own deal if you don’t have any money! It’s true!! It’s a great way to invest with no money down!

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