Times of crisis create new problems that require solutions. Do you have the answers others are looking for?

Like many people, you probably began 2020 filled with plans and optimism about the future. Then along came Covid-19 to turn the world upside down. The impact the global pandemic has had on the world is almost beyond comprehension. Besides the toll it has taken on individuals and families, it has certainly wreaked havoc on untold thousands of businesses.

It can, and here are 4 reasons why:

With all of that in mind, why is there so much chatter about now being a good time to start a business? Can it be true?

Within a Crisis Lies Opportunities

No one is happy about a crisis, or the economic recession that often accompanies it, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Disney, General Motors, FedEx, Microsoft, and even Airbnb were all started during a recession. And that’s just a few examples because there are several others who had their start during a time of economic downturn, yet went on to enjoy great success.

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