1. Workshops- Retail stores such as Michaels, Home Depot Or Lowe’s offer free or reasonably priced building workshops or craft classes for children.
2. Provincial Parks- Make the most of the outdoors this summer! Provincial Parks are great for hiking, biking, swimming, picnics & more! Passes are generally required, and can be purchased either daily or seasonally. Make sure to do your research online, there is a weekend or two throughout the summer when there is free entry to all Provincial Parks! Take advantage of these!
3. Summer Camps- Many towns offer free or cheap summer camps at a variety of themes for children. Your kids could learn new skills, gives them a chance to meet up with their school friends & make some new friends, and gives you a bit of a break at the same time!
4. Tours- Check online for local factories or farms in your area. Many will provide a free tour if interested. Sports stadiums may offer affordable tours as well. Pack a picnic & make a fun summer field trip of it!
5. Make The Most Of Your Home Town!– Visit the local parks near your home. Splash Parks in your town & neighbouring communities are a great way to cool down on a hot day (and they’re usually free!). Search online for a free nature scavenger hunt to print off for your children, or for other printable activities. Local Libraries often have summer programs and classes available for children- and sometimes adults too!
Get out & explore your home town this summer!