With Black Friday/Cyber Monday coming up, I think we are all getting our fair share of emails, letting us know what is going to be on sale! The bad news is, it’s easy to overspend when we see the word SALE next to an item. The good news is, it’s a great time to get Christmas/Birthday gifts at a discounted price. Many sale items are also available online (lots of stores will offer free shipping for Cyber Monday) so you don’t have to join the craziness that will be happening in the mall. Make sure to make a list of each person that you are shopping for, and what you are looking for. Use your list to do an online search for what you are specifically looking for, and find the best price online. Make sure to only buy what is on your list. Once you have ordered your gifts, make sure to make a payment in the same amount to your credit card company (if you used a CC to pay).

Some stores that are offering some great deals are:

Amazon– Sales throughout their online stores including toys, Kitchen items, movies/books & more

Costco-Offering great deals & Costco Cash cards on mobile phones.

Bath & Body Works- Buy 3 Get 3 Free

The Gap- 50 percent off everything on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Old Navy– Offering 50 percent off site-wide on Cyber Monday.