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Empower Your Teen’s Financial Future!

Introducing the

“Teens & Money and Getting a Job & Starting your Own Business for Teens” Seminars!

For Ages 11-18. Parents are Welcome!

What Will They Learn?

Teens will dive into a wealth of knowledge covering a variety of important concepts:

Budgeting Basics: Equip your teen with the skills to manage money wisely. From understanding income and expenses to creating a budget that works!

The Power of Compounding: Discover the magic of compounding and how it can turn small savings into substantial wealth over time. This is a game-changer for their financial journey!

Credit vs. Debit Cards: Navigate the complex world of plastic money. Teens will learn the pros and cons of credit and debit cards, setting the foundation for responsible financial habits.

Getting a Job: Uncover the secrets to landing that first job. From crafting an impressive resume to acing interviews, your teen will gain the confidence to step into the working world.

Starting Your Own Business: Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within! Teens will explore the exciting journey of entrepreneurship, from ideation to execution. Who knows, the next young business tycoon could be in our midst!

Why Attend?

Holistic Learning: Our seminar covers both job-seeking and entrepreneurial skills, ensuring a well-rounded education for your teens.

Interactive Sessions: Engaging discussions and Q&A sessions make learning fun and memorable.

Expert Guidance: Led by seasoned professionals with a passion for empowering youth.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded parents and create a supportive community for your teens.

Invest in Your Teen’s Future!

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$20 per Child

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