“Another offering of an amazing course hosted by Candice Bakx-Friesen! My kiddos loved going first time around. This course helped grow their knowledge and excitement for the possibilities and steps they can do now. Love seeing this out and offered for our children and youth. Never too early to educate and empower the next generation.” L.R.

“I’m so thankful for the help that Candice has provided by helping me go over my finances and lay out a workable budget. We found ways to trim unnecessary spending and do something I’ve never been able to do – put money into savings every pay day! As a single parent, what a relief it is to be able to put a little something away for a repair or emergency, I have less stress about my monthly bills, AND I have a new confidence for my financial future.” – S.K.

“I am striving towards self employment and made an appointment with Candice to review my monthly budget and see how I could make the adjustment from consistent bi-weekly paycheques to the life of someone who can set her own schedule that revolves around family time. I am eager to start the steps that she explained to me and am looking forward to working for myself in the near future!” –  A.P.

“Candice Bakx-Friesen is an excellent speaker who is passionate about helping others achieve their personal or financial goals. Investor Smarts is a great hub for a variety of topics including personal finances, goal setting, real estate fundamentals (buying, selling and financing) and real estate investing. Candice and her team are very organized and well prepared to host, facilitate or deliver a keynote presentation at small meetings, bootcamps or conferences. I highly recommend Candice and her team at Investor Smarts to anyone who wants to improve their personal finances, any one looking for one-on-one coaching or companies looking to organize financial events, boot camps or conferences.” – Ben Eko-Davis

“Candice, thanks again for participating in my radio show and online summit.  You have a remarkable knowledge of real estate and specifically investing and raising capital.  Your answers were clear, concise and very helpful to me and my audience.” – Kevin Bunzeluk

“I’m currently attending your 5 week Rent To Own strategy course… We have only 1 week left, so time surely flies by!  And I wanna let you know that your RTO course has been very informative and enjoyable.  Thank You So Much!”  – S.S.