It’s true that female entrepreneurs are well acquainted with hard work and dedication. They’re also no strangers to initiative, taking advantage of opportunities, or great ideas. While all of those things are important, they’re not the driving force behind what makes a woman a successful entrepreneur – it’s her mindset.

Entrepreneurship is never an easy path, and the failure rate for new businesses is high, but the women who succeed do so because they don’t allow external circumstances to rock their internal world. They’ve taken ownership of their lives, and they don’t wait for permission, an invitation, or for all conditions to be perfect.

They have developed a mindset to win, and here are a few tips to help you do the same.

Remember Why You Started

The foundation of a winning mindset is knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing. What’s the reason that motivates you, gets you out of bed in the morning, and keeps you inspired when things get tough? Entrepreneurs often get hung up on how they’re going to do something, instead of why they’re doing it. What purpose do you ultimately want to achieve? What changes in your life are you working to bring about? The answer to these questions will be your roadmap through the unknown and the fuel that keeps you going when the emotion of motivation has faded.

Defeat Fear Through Action

It’s common knowledge that confidence is a huge asset when it comes to achieving any goal. But what do you do when your confidence is lacking, and fear raises its ugly head? You can ponder the situation, but you can’t conjure up confidence by thinking about it.

Despite what you may have heard, not every entrepreneur is overflowing with confidence, but they succeed anyway. How? By taking action. Fear cannot exist in the same space as action, and while confidence helps, it’s not a prerequisite for taking action. There will be times when you must act in the face of fear, and confidence will follow.

Businessman and philanthropist W. Clement Stone described it well when he said,

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.” 



Perceived Limitations of Others Don’t Apply


Stay true to your vision and the belief that it’s possible. Whenever you set out to accomplish a goal or realize a dream, there will be naysayers who vocalize their disbelief. Never allow the limited imagination of others to influence you, nor accept their views as your own. You believe your dream is possible or you would’ve never set out to make it happen in the first place. You’re a woman on a mission, filled with drive, but drive alone isn’t enough. You must believe you can do it.


You Get to Choose Your Thoughts


Life is filled with situations that change and evolve. Where many get off track is allowing external circumstances to influence their thinking. One of the most powerful mindset shifts is realizing that you have the power to choose your thoughts. No person or situation can dictate to you how to feel, only your thoughts can do that. There’s so much in life that is outside of your control, but your thoughts are not one of them. Like everything in life that’s worthwhile, it takes effort and practice to take conscious control of your thinking, but when you do it’s a game-changer. A tip to help you do this goes back to the first point – remember why you started. You’ll be amazed at how your thoughts will shift and fall back into alignment with your goals when you remember the reason behind all that you do.


There are many ways for a woman to find entrepreneurial success. Yes, it takes hard work and persistence, but most of all it takes a mindset to win. Put the tips above to work in your life, and take control of your own destiny.


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