The First Home Savings Account

As of April 2023 the Canadian government started a new program called the first home savings account.

Here are a few things about it:

– you have to be 18+

– Save up to a max of $40,000

– tax-deductible

– tax free growth

– 15 years to save and buy a house

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The BRRRR Strategy

BRRRR is an acronym for: Buy Rehab Rent Refinance Repeat

It is a great strategy for someone who wants rental properties but does not have a lot of money to buy multiple properties.

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When Do I Start Investing?

I always get asked “When do I start investing?” The simple answer is right to ways. It is easy to come up with excuses but don’t . Start investing today!

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Invest In Retirement Or Kids Education?

I often get asked “should I invest for retirement or should I invest for my kids education?”

Our retirement is a lot of years that we need to cover our cost of living, so that needs to be the priority and if there is extra funds put that away for the kids.

3 Questions I Get As An Investor

3 questions I get asked as an are:

What is the best investment?
There is no perfect investment, do your research to decide what is the best option for you!

What stops people from investing?
Fear, too many options, and a who can you trust attitude.

What is the biggest mistake investors make?
Starting too late, we need the time to allow investments to grow.

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