WIN THE WEEK: Weekly High Performance Planner

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Why did I create this planner? Some of the questions I get asked nearly every day are “How do you get so much done?”. “How do you stay so positive everyday?”. I knew that this planner was the key to others realizing the same sorts of results that I have achieved. I created this planner to help as many people as possible realize their dreams and live their best life.
This planner has tips for you to get the most out of the year. I have started the planner off with some tips pages- check them out regularly to make sure you take control of your time and start your day off with a bang!

Next, we work on setting SMART goals. It is common knowledge that simply writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. This is a great section of the planner to look at regularly to make sure you are reaching your goals. I have also added quarterly goal review sheets, so that you can stay on top of the goals you have set for the year. You can narrow in on specific goals and the action steps that you need to think about for that quarter. Don’t forget to stay focused on your purpose behind the goals- the “big why”.

I have included a monthly calendar for you to take a big picture look at your goals. These are followed by weekly pages to have a comprehensive and focused look at each week.

The planner is divided into 4 pages per week. The first 2 pages allow you to look at the whole weeks activities in one glance. The next2 pages help you keep wellness at the forefront of the mind. Flip back and forth between these two and you have it all covered!

At the end of the planner, you will find some more pages to keep you organized. There are various financial tracking pages, a bucket list to help you continue to dream J and a book reading list. There is also a spot to record future projects. Don’t forget how important it is to journal your thoughts and doodle- yes, I have those pages included, too!
I hope you find this planner really effective – saving you time and money, and helping you to make more money, too. Making changes in your life starts with changes in your daily life. It starts with this planner! Don’t just be busy, it’s time to be productive.

Stay in touch! I would love to hear about your wins this year and help you work through the inevitable challenges as well!