Have you been wondering how to take your first step into real estate investing?

Join me at this seminar to hear my story of turning an $8,000 down payment into a $500,000 investment! Find out ways you can get started too!

Meet other investors and network with those on a similar path to wealth creation. We will go through industry tips and talk about the best ways to start your investing journey!

February 17, 10am – 12pm at the Days Inn in Steinbach

Are you tired of the constant drumbeat of financial scarcity echoing through your life? Have you ever felt imprisoned by the belief that debt is an insurmountable mountain, and financial freedom is a distant dream reserved for a select few? It’s time to shatter those limiting beliefs because abundance is within your reach.

Join the 7 Weeks to Financial Freedom and take the first step towards a better financial life!

Course Starts February 19th!

Learn how to not just buy your Real Estate Investment but also how to hold your Investment.

In this 8 Week course, find out tips of the trade and what steps to take as you embark onto your Real Estate Investing journey!

Learn from a Market Leading Expert, Candice Bakx-Friesen and ask any questions you may have!

Course Starts March 18, 2024

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Candice also speaks at High Schools